Rough sea.
Tough equipment.

Welcome to BOHNHOFF. We are a traditional company with over 140 years of experience. The core competence of our family-owned company is the planning and manufacturing of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment for the maritime industry. Whether it is an economical standard solution or a special design, a yacht, a cruise ship or a navy vessel: our specialists will work with you to find the right solution so that everything runs smoothly in the kitchen - even on the rough sea.



We support you from the planning stage to the handover of the fully functional facility - and even after that, we remain by your side. The planning and manufacturing is traditionally carried out in-house, allowing us to offer you the highest level of security and quality you can rely on.




Luxury Yachts

Decades of expertise and competence are a prerequisite for the demanding field of luxury yachts.

MY Artefact (80m, 2020)
MY Elandess (74m, 2018)
MY Aviva (98,4m 2017)
MY Cloudbreak (72m, 2016)
MY Kibo (81,8m 2015)
MY I DYNASTY (100,8m 2015)
and many more...

F125, F124, F123, F122
K130, Meko-200, Meko-100
Patrol boats:
CPV44, OPV80
U214A, U212, U209
and many more...


Navies worldwide rely on our anti-magnetic and shock-resistant designs.

Offshore / Working Vessels

Rough sea, tough equipment - Bohnhoff Classic and Caravelle products, combined with excellent planning, continuously expand our references in the Offshore segment.

Ceona Amazon, Cable-laying Vessel (Lloyd Werft, 2015)
Atair II, Expedition Research Vessel (Fassmer Werft, 2019)
SB-742, Rescue Vessel (Zvezdochka SY, 2019)
SB-739, Rescue Vessel (Zvezdochka SY, 2016)
and many more...

MS Queen Elizabeth (2009)
MS Olympic Explorer (2001)
MS Europa (1999)
MS Bremen (1989)
and many more...

Cruise Ships

Our cruise ship solutions are designed for the combination of a high volume of guests and the expectation of first-class service and a luxury experience.

River Cruise Vessels

A restaurant on the water, with the guest at the center. High-quality equipment for kitchen, buffet and bar create a special culinary experience on board with our river cruise solutions.

Scenic Crystal (2011)
Scenic Pearl (2010)
Scenic Ruby (2009)

Milan Santos, Aframax Tanker (Atlantico Sul, 2015-2018)
Searoad Mersey II, RoRo Ferry (FSG, 2016)
Oceanex Connaigra, RoRo Ferry (FSG, 2014)
Coral Energice. Gas Tanker (Neptun, 2018)
and many more...

Cargo Vessels

Our economical Caravelle line with robust construction is the ideal product for commercial shipping.